Terms of Trade

  1. Our GP & Nurse consultation fees are displayed in the waiting room. Copies are also available; if you would like one please ask at reception. Our fees are made up from the following:
    • Consultation time
    • Complexity
    • Eligible funding
    • Cost of running a medical practice
  2. Free fees apply to:
    • Flu vaccination for pregnant women, anyone aged 65 years and over and anyone aged under 65 years with a medical condition that increases their risk of developing complication from the flu (conditions apply)
    • Childhood immunisations
    • Maternity care for the first 12 weeks
  3. If you are not enrolled with our practice but would like to see a doctor the consultation fee is higher. This is called a casual consultation and must be paid before the consultation.
  4. All payment for services is requested at the time of your consultation. You may pay using:
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Eftpos
    • Credit card
    • Telephone banking
    • Online banking
    • Automatic payment – if you would prefer to make regular payments against your account please ask at reception. If you do not pay on the day you will be sent an account which will incur administration fees.
  5. Travel vaccines must be paid for when the appointment is made as they have to be ordered in.
  6. All unpaid overdue accounts will be sent to a debt collection agency with all costs incurred by the patient including legal fees.
  7. If automatic payments are being made to pay off outstanding debt any appointments made must be paid for before the consultation.
  8. If your account is overdue payment for any further treatment is required before the consultation unless it is a medical emergency.
  9. All accounts that remain unpaid will be recorded with a Credit Reporting Agency which may affect your credit rating.
  10. If you are the account holder for members of your family we are unable to provide services for them without payment before the consultation.
  11. Failure to attend an appointment or failure to cancel one 2 hours before the appointment time may incur a fee based on the type of appointment booked.
  12. By enrolling with us you authorise us to:
    • Disclose any information about you for the purpose of instructing other people including a debt collecting agency to recover any outstanding fees from you.
  13. You acknowledge that:
    • All services may attract a fee
    • You remain liable for all fees, costs and disbursements (including Laboratory testing where you are not eligible for funding services in New Zealand) charged by us for the services.